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Additional Links

Looking for more Ultimate? These links will connect you to not only LA Ultimate but other LGBT Ultimate groups all over the world!

Pickup Ultimate is the best way to find a pickup group to play in no matter where you live. With Ultimate all over the world, get out and spread BGF!
 LAOUT is the larger Ultimate organization connecting pickups, leagues, and clubs all together. This is a great way to get involved in LA Ultimate and participate in as many programs as possible. 
Looking for more LGBT Ultimate? Here are a few groups around the world to connect up with:
  • BGF-SF is our sister group up in San Francisco.
  • CMSA Ultimate is the Ultimate group participating in the larger Chicago Metropolitan Sport Association
  • Rain City Ultimate Club is Vancouver's premier LGBT Ultimate organization.
  • Ultimate Out is a group in Washington DC that organizes teams for their local leagues.
  • IHUC is an awesome Toronto LGBT Ultimate group to visit up in the Northeast
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